Limitless Studio

Written by on December 30, 2017

The Limitless Studio hookup:

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LIMITLESS is an exhilarating new dance space specializing in Aerial Artistry

Forget boring reps at the gym and dance workouts that are tricky to keep up with. LIMITLESS redefines the horizons of fitness, offering a social, fun and encouraging environment that will leave you eagerly counting down the days till your next class.
Learn how to twirl, swirl and create stunning shapes by wrapping yourself in beautiful Aerial Silks, discover the artistry of Lyra (Aerial Hoop) or dance and move in ways you never imagined in our studio designed exclusively for Aerial Pole.
Our experienced Aerial Arts instructor Natasha and her team guarantees improved strength, fitness, flexibility and greater enjoyment, whether you start as an absolute beginner or as an experienced aerialist wanting to aspire to greater heights.
Every session is professionally coach-led, designed so you learn your chosen art form entirely at your own pace, focusing on correct technique through step-by step instructions and demonstrations until you are totally comfortable with your tricks, transitions and dismounts.
You will feel the benefits of Aerials much quicker than traditional gym workouts and even more so with regular classes. Once you have learned the basics, the possibilities of what you can do next are limitless.

We predominantly run classes from 4pm-9pm during the week, 9:30am-2pm in the weekends so feel free to pop in and say hello and check out the studio’s immaculate new facilities.
At LIMITLESS Aerial Arts Studio you will have a great workout as a product of enjoying your time with friends while learning creative, challenging and incredible aerial movements that are sure to impress!

Professionally teaching you to soar without wings in our pristine, dedicated Mt Wellington studio.



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