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Written by on January 15, 2018

Want to have a show on UP FM?

We’re currently accepting show applications, so lets see what you’ve got!
Please familiarize yourself with our show guidelines listed below. Also note, even though slots may be available, we have limited spaces due to genre balance. While keeping within the realm of dance music, your show may have better chance of being accepted if the main genre is more niche.


General show guidelines


When everyone sounds the same, things get a bit boring. We’re keen to hear quirky show ideas and genres that kick ass but don’t get to shine as much as the staples of our music diet!

Music education

We value hosts that can bring a degree of informative entertainment, be it music history, artist stories, interviews, music production tips, dance tips etc.

Show times

UP FM plays at several locations, in different countries. We judge show popularity based on individual statistics, rather than a traditional ‘drive time has the most play’ approach. A show at 2am may find a big audience on the other side of the planet.

Avoid excessive swearing

No one wants a heavy filter, but excessive swearing is not attractive (try not to stub your toe during a live broadcast!).

No fake news

UP FM is not a news station. General dance news will always go down well, but unless a major event happens, we like to keep away from mainstream news stories.

No virtue signaling

UP FM listeners are brought together by their love of dance music. They’re not here to be told how to live their lives or what to believe.

No BS click bait

We have respect for our listeners.


A good way to add banter (and a cover when you’re sick!) is having a co-host.

Exclusive scoops

Have a lot of friends into singing, mc’ing or music production? Get the scoop and show off their work on UP FM first!

Shut up! 

93.8% of UP FM listeners find beat matching/mixing important . Sometimes it’s best to shut it and let the music do it’s thing 😉


You and your listeners will have more fun if you think of some creative ways to interact with them.


Be consistent. Sure, you can have special happenings, that’s encouraged, but the general tone of your show as well as event timing within your show should be consistent.

Big ups!

Big-up your fans!

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