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The Limitless Studio hookup: Mention UP FM and get 20% off on your first session. LIMITLESS is an exhilarating new dance space specializing in Aerial Artistry Forget boring reps at the gym and dance workouts that are tricky to keep up with. LIMITLESS redefines the horizons of fitness, offering a social, fun and encouraging environment that […]

The Algonaut hookup: Use the code #UPFM# when you check out for a sweet UP FM discount! UP FM members are also eligible for early releases. Contact Algonaut to find out more. Algonaut is a new music software company that specialise in products using artificial intelligence. This means their products can do things you wouldn’t believe. Algonaut is […]

Special thanks to Corey Blackburn Photography.  

Special thanks to Corey Blackburn Photography.  

Vinyl records, the backbone avatar of the music world. From the moment someone somewhere, tried to mix two songs together, to sample cutting and scratching and the biggest stages in the world vinyl records have been the original tool. There’s something special about it. But how are vinyls made? Gotta Groove Records in Clevland Ohio […]

The Joes Mechanical hookup: Mention UP FM when you get in touch with them for an exclusive discount! You just found one of the best performance-car workshops in the country.. Give them a call on 09-835-0935, or visit their website. Joe Kyle and his team have worked on everything from your mum’s old Nissan Bluebird, […]


December 21, 2017

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Summer Vibes marked the end of a chapter for UPFM. Teaming up with Auranoc Apparel (Now Auranoc Records), this Piha beach party was the last event UPFM.DJ promoted.


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