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With Tim Corin

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In the groove

With his extensive music production background and fandom of deeper styles, Tim Corin hosts 'In the groove'.  The show is mostly music focused as Tim Corin brings you tunes from the best artists in the deep end of the pool, where all the big kids swim. When tuning in, you'll also be the first to hear 'Groove edit' remixes and fresh new productions by Tim Corin & friends.

Tim is also a co-founder of  music software company 'Algonaut' who specialize in products using artificial intelligence that are purely designed to help you with your music projects. In the groove fans will hear about their kickass projects first, giving aspiring and established music producers the edge. Tim also loves all tech. Tim also has a keen taste for apple. Real apples and the Steve Jobs type!


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Tim Corin – the artist formally known as ‘Ditto’. As a DJ Tim Corin has long been threading his name into the local and international scene with his personal flavor of a deep, techy and groovy variety of underground house. Since showing face in 2010 Ditto was quickly embraced by labels and artists abroad for [...]


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